Semi-Annual Recognition Awards

Wiseconnect as a company notice on a daily basis how determined and hardworking each of our employees are at making Wiseconnect become more successful every day.  Wiseconnect would like to show our appreciation and gratitude to our top 5 performers. These top performers have gone above and beyond their normal job duties, without even being asked to and has delivered fantastic results.

The award winners will receive a personalized award to display as well as a bonus.

  • Mickey Malkus – VP of West Operations
  • Beth Proctor – HR Manager
  • Pat Punteney – Recruiter
  • Livan Barrios – SW Florida Field Supervisor
  • Elias Soria – Colorado Field Supervisor

Congratulations to all of the award winners.  Thank you for all you do!

Hot Job: FIOS Installer in Tampa

In Florida, recent mergers and acquisitions of some of the top companies in the cable, satellite and Internet fields have resulted in big shakeups in the information-delivery industry. Those who are looking for hot jobs within the information technology and telecom field can benefit from exciting new opportunities created by a rapidly changing marketplace. In particular, if you are interested in work as a FIOS installer, you have exciting opportunities available to you right now in the Tampa, Florida area.

There are a lot of different reasons why you should consider a hot job as a FIOS installer in Tampa. Some of the biggest benefits to taking on work in this field include:

Sign-on Bonuses                                                       

The demand for qualified FIOS installers is so high with is the potential to earn as much as a $500 bonus for signing on to work. There is also the opportunity for employee referrals to net a bonus of $250.  This bonus money is a great incentive to start your career.

Paid Training

Those with the right qualifications can advance their skills in the field of fiber optic cable installation. Paid on-the-job training is available to learn the wiring and cabling skills that are essential if you wish to work for top employers in the industry.

Ample Job Opportunities

The demand for connectivity is growing, and FIOS is reaching into more and more places. As people increasingly want more information delivered at higher speeds, the market will only continue to expand. You can sign on now, get paid training in the field, and enjoy a market rich with opportunities for many years to come.

Good Job Benefits

You can not only receive a competitive salary when you sign on as a FIOS installer but may also be entitled to receive valuable job benefits including medical insurance.

If you are interested in taking advantage of open positions as a FIOS installer, contact WiseConnect now to find out about the hot jobs that are available. Our telecom staffing service will help you to find work quickly that will provide you with a promising start on an exciting career.

Does Your Website Give Off the Image You Want to Job Seekers?

When your company wants to hire the best people, you need to make sure you give the impression your business is a great place to work. This starts with the creation of a high-quality website. More customers and potential employees will see your website before they end up seeing your office.  As a result, your website needs to make a great first impression to impress top talent in your industry.

Companies need to consider how their website appears not only to current and potential clients but also to people who might be industry leaders looking for new employment. To make sure your website gives off the right image to job seekers, consider these three areas.

1. Evaluate your website to determine how you can make it more engaging.

Your website should be easy to navigate, should contain interesting information and should demonstrate the best features of your business. If your website looks outdated and unexciting, then job candidates will think your company is boring. That might not be true, but it’s the first impression website users are getting of your telecom company.

2. Make it easy for applicants to search, and apply for, jobs.

You should have a separate menu where job seekers can go to learn about the open positions in your company. Make your open jobs searchable and provide a way for people to apply online. Be detailed in your job descriptions so candidates can determine if a position would be a good fit. Have calls to action throughout the website and make it easy for website visitors to engage with your company. If they have to search for a job board or Contact Us page, they may get frustrated and just move on to your competitor.

3. Provide blog content so you can show off your expertise.

With a blog, you have the opportunity to comment on new developments in your industry and to share your insight. Your blog can establish your company’s expertise and leadership in your marketplace so job seekers are enticed to come and work for your business. Blog posts also help with search engine optimization and bring organic traffic to your website.

Not only does Wiseconnect provide staffing and managed services for a full range of telecom projects – from engineering and logistics to installations, tests, and turn-ups – but our company adds distinct value through true experience and dependability. Contact our great team of telecom recruiters today to get started!


What Does Your Company Need to Upgrade to Voice-Over-IP?

Voice-Over-IP is an increasingly popular choice for both large and small businesses. VOIP means you no longer need to reply on old-fashioned telephone service for your company’s communication needs. Instead, you’ll use internet-based voice technology to get higher-quality communications.

Using VOIP can help you to save money on phone service and can make communication easier by allowing for the integration of phone services with email, e-fax and remote conferencing. VOIP also allows for more flexibility, as adapters can be taken anywhere there is an internet connection, so staff can communicate no matter where they are.

If you want to take advantage of the significant benefits of VOIP, you’ll need to make sure your company has the technology in place to use an Internet network for voice communications. To make VOIP work for your business, you’ll need to focus on the following three areas.

1. Sufficient Bandwidth

Because your communication will take place over the internet, you need to make sure you have enough bandwidth to support the exchange of data. A small amount of bandwidth can lead to poor sound quality, dropped calls and slowdowns on internet service for other business users. Having a network traffic analysis done before you get VOIP installed will provide the solutions needed for your company’s usage. That will help your company avoid having too little bandwidth, as well as paying for too much bandwidth when you don’t need that capacity.

2. Adequate Hardware

Depending upon your VOIP network, you’ll need a router to connect phones. You may wish to ensure your router has a Quality of Service (QoS) setting so you can prioritize voice traffic over regular internet traffic. You’ll also need a VOIP adapter to connect your phones to so you can make voice calls using your internet connection.

3. Phone Equipment

You can buy many different types of equipment when you use VOIP to communicate, including telephones and hands-free headsets. The right type of equipment will depend upon who is using the equipment and where it is being used.

As more and more companies turn to VOIP, there is an increased demand for bandwidth. A telecom company can benefit from this demand by hiring qualified staff members to install broadband networks to make VOIP possible.  Contact Wiseconnect today to learn how our professional telecom staffing service can help your company find qualified telecom professionals.

Hiring Managers Notice These Five Things in the Job Interview

If you’ve been lucky enough to land an interview with a great employer, you want to make sure the interview goes as smoothly as possible so you’ll have the best possible chance at getting the job. Your interview may be your best chance to make a positive impression and move forward in the hiring process, so you need to be prepared and ready for success.

As you get ready for your interview and think about what you need to do to impress the hiring manager, there are a few key things to be aware that hiring managers look for.

Whether you are on time

You should make sure you leave early so you aren’t running late when you get to your interview. Arriving about five to 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment shows you are responsible and allows you to avoid the stress of rushing in at the last minute. If you are concerned about getting to the location, practice the route prior to the day of your interview. If you arrive very early, take a walk around the block or wait in your car until that 5-10 minute range.

Whether you are dressed appropriately

You should wear professional attire and ensure that you look neat and tidy when you attend your interview. It’s acceptable to ask the company prior to your interview about the office attire. Each office has a different culture, and you want to make sure that you don’t make a preventable mistake.

What your body language conveys

Are you open and eager, or are you closed off and disinterested?  Hiring managers will either consciously or unconsciously pick up on the messages that your body language is sending. Be aware of your arm movements, where you place your hands, your voice level and how you sit in your chair.

What your excitement level is

Do you seem to be eager for the position? Have you taken the time to learn about the company so you can ask informed questions? Hiring managers want to bring in candidates who are passionate about what they do and who will be motivated to excel. You don’t want to seem desperate to accept any job, but you want to show that this job is a great fit for your career and how you’ll bring value to the company.

How you sell yourself

Do you highlight your strengths effectively? Are you good at demonstrating why you are qualified? Hiring managers want someone who knows what they are good at and who can effectively sell themselves by showcasing their best qualities. When you highlight your strengths and match them to the responsibilities in the job description, then you can convey the value you will bring to the company. That’s when they will hire you!

Wiseconnect can help you to get interviews with the best employers in the business so you’ll have a chance to impress hiring managers and land a great job. Contact our telecom staffing service today to find out more about how we can help to advance your job search.

Create the Best Job Description to Land the Top Talent

When your company is hiring, you need to make sure you are attracting top candidates. This is important in all industries, but especially in the telecom sector where you need qualified candidates who are ready to hit the ground running.

Finding the right people for your business is easier when you work with a good staffing agency who can help put talented job seekers in front of your hiring managers.  No matter what approach you take to find staff, however, you’ll need to make sure you write a great job description.  To help you ensure the job description you write is most likely to draw great candidates, consider these tips for writing the best job advertisement.

Be clear in your posting

You should clearly state exactly what the job is, what the responsibilities will involve, and what you expect from qualified candidates.

Don’t overload the requirements

While you may have some specific criteria and skills you are looking for, you don’t want to list endless descriptions of required qualifications. Focus on the most essential skills that are necessary to do the job. This way, you won’t end up discouraging an applicant from applying who may be a great fit for the position, even if they don’t exactly match your job description. You might receive more applications, and those candidates might not be a good fit for this opening. However, they could be a good option for future job openings.

Show what working for your company is like

You want to make your company seem like a fun place to work so you can get the maximum number of applications from industry leaders and qualified professionals. You also want to get people to apply who will be a good fit for your corporate culture. The more you can convey about what the working environment is like, the better the fit of applicants who apply and the more likely you are to get qualified candidates. As we talked about in the last point, this might not help directly with this job posting but could help the company down the road.

Try to convey company values

It is imperative that employees who you hire reflect the values and ideals of your company. If you convey those values in your job posting, you’ll attract people who will represent your company the way you’d hope they would. The job interview is a great place to determine cultural fit, but anything you can do to find great fits earlier in the process will provide more data to make the best hiring decision.

Make the application process clear

Applicants should have a simple, straightforward way to apply. Not only will this encourage more qualified candidates to submit their information, but you’ll also get the same data and information from everyone. That allows you to be more effective at comparing candidates.

At Wiseconnect, our staffing professionals can help you to write job descriptions, determine where to place job ads, and find qualified job seekers.  Our network of telecom workers includes some of the top talent in the industry, so give us a call or contact us online today to find out how we can help you to find great people to work for you.

Where Is Gigabit Internet Available and What Cities Need It?

Gigabit Internet is ultra-fast Internet which is about 100 times faster than the Internet connection normally provided by internet service providers. Gigabit Internet get its name from its speed of approximately one gigabit per second, or 1 Gbps. Gigabit Internet is the next generation of Internet service, and it achieves its lightning-fast speeds by delivering data over fiber optic lines.

Who Needs Gigabit Internet?

Gigabit Internet makes it possible to download 100 songs or photos in three seconds, or to download an HD movie in seven seconds.  Home users who are increasingly digitizing their lives and turning to digital entertainment could benefit from having more access faster than they imagined. For the home user, Gigabit Internet means no more waiting to watch movies or enjoy entertainment. It also makes it easier than ever to connect with friends and family and share photos in a split second. Business users, of course, are also embracing Gigabit Internet, and Gigabit Internet is increasingly the choice of governments, educational institutions, large companies and municipalities.

Where Can You Find Gigabit Internet?

Gigabit Internet, unfortunately, isn’t available everywhere. The good news is, there are cities that are installing these networks as economic development initiatives including Kansas City, KA; Chattanooga, TN; Lafayette, LA; Lansing MI; Bristol, VA; Morristown, TN; Burlington VT; Springfield VT; Omaha NE; Tullahoma, TN; Minneapolis, MN; Cedar Falls, IA; Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX; Provo, UT; Wilson, CN; Melrose, MN; Portland, OR; Bloomer, WI and many more. A total of 50 U.S. cities already have gigabit Internet and more locations are coming soon.

Why Opt for Gigabit Internet

Municipalities are installing Gigabit Internet to try to attract the tech industries to their locales.  Communities hope that when Gigabit Internet is available, it will create a competitive advantage.  Whatever cities can do to attract or keep business helps the local economy. Anything local municipalities can do to keep business assists the citizens and continues to grow and develop the region.

For companies in the telecom field, the increased demand for Gigabit Internet provides ample opportunities to install fiber optic connections and build strong networks. Reach out to Wiseconnect today so our telecom staffing service can help you expand your staff and get your business ready to meet the growing demand for Gigabit Internet.

Want the Job? Avoid These Four Application Mistakes

When you are applying for a job, it’s a very competitive situation. While you don’t know who you are competing against, you can be rest assured that dozens of other job candidates want the same prize you are after. Your resume is the first impression you make and needs to be great to get your foot in the door.

Unfortunately, many job seekers make mistakes during the application process that end up costing them their dream job. You don’t want to be one of them! To help you have the best chance possible of finding meaningful work in a position you love, avoid these application mistakes.

Failing to follow instructions

Many job ads will provide specific details on how you should apply. If you don’t follow the instructions, you’ve immediately proved you aren’t good at taking direction or paying attention to detail. This can be disqualifying and your application may not be given consideration. If the job description asks for your resume in a PDF format, find a free converter online. Don’t send your resume as a Microsoft Word document.

Not changing your resume to meet the job description

When you submit a generic resume, you lose the opportunity to highlight why you would be great at a specific job. You also miss out on the chance to show that you cared enough to make an effort. Employers may not give your resume as much consideration as someone who has tailored their skills and criteria to better match the job description. Yes, it takes time to change your resume each time, but you will see better results in your job search. This process also might show you if your skill set is the right fit for this job opening.

Not proofreading

Your resume and cover letter are your introductions to a potential employer. If you’ve made mistakes in these important documents, this makes a bad first impression. Employers may be left wondering what other situations you may be prone to making errors in. Print out your resume and conduct the proofreading with a hard copy. You will find different errors than scanning on your computer monitor or tablet. Find a friend or family member who you don’t mind sharing the document with and have them provide honest feedback.

Failing to fully answer questions

Whether a job application or an interviewer asks you questions, you need to make sure you answer what is being asked. Use the opportunity to provide details the employer is looking for so you can show off why you would be a good fit for the position. Show how you provide value to the company and why they should hire you as opposed to the other job candidates.

By avoiding these errors, you can ensure you don’t make a disqualifying mistake that can cost you opportunities.  Wiseconnect can help you to find great employers who are hiring so you’ll get a chance to make a good impression.  Contact our telecommunications staffing service today to learn more about how we can help with your job search.

Make Employee Wellness a Priority and See Great Results with Your Team

Your employees are your greatest asset, and you need your employees to be in the best state of mind possible.  Healthy employees are less likely to call in sick or to drive up your insurance costs.  Developing an employee wellness plan can help you to do your part to ensure your staff is as healthy as possible. Not only do you benefit from having workers who are able to do more on the job and avoid missing days, but the wellness program may also increase motivation and reduce turnover as your staff feels you’re making a commitment to their well-being.

To ensure your employee wellness program provides the maximum benefit and is as successful as it can be, here are three tips to consider.

Make your program a workplace priority

Too often, employers offer wellness programs that workers don’t take advantage of. You want to ensure you are reaching the maximum number of staff members with your program and that your program is seen as an integral part of the workplace environment. Consider encouraging employees to stretch throughout the day or to take part in a company 5K or bike challenge. You should also push water consumption throughout the workday. Anything you can provide to make it easier for employees to participate in those activates or change their behaviors will get even more buy-in.

Consider options which will work well for your staff

Some staff members are more health conscious than others, but you want your wellness program to work for everyone. Ask staff members what types of health and fitness options they are interested in and try to implement different activities and programs for people at all levels of physical fitness.

Don’t ignore the mental side

Not everyone wants to participate in physical wellness activities with their co-workers. They want to keep that in their personal lives. However, wellness doesn’t end with the sweaty workout clothes. Think about ways you can reach more employees through non-physical activities: guest speakers, online videos, volunteering, etc.

Find ways to reward workers who participate

A wellness program will help you lower health costs and reduce sick days, so your company benefits directly from motivated staff who take part. Find ways to reward workers who help your company to achieve its wellness goals. This could include special recognition, celebrations or bonus incentives, or other appropriate perks that are well-suited to your staff members.

Wiseconnect can help you to find a great staff that will appreciate an overall corporate wellness program. They will want to make a commitment to doing great work for your business. Contact our telecom recruiters today to learn more!

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