Outside Plant

outside_plantTackling outside plant services can seem like a big job, but with Wiseconnect expertise at your fingertips, it’ll feel easy. While you concentrate on what you do best, our trained and certified technicians will manage support services for outside plant, including copper and fiber networks. That support may include maintenance, customer demand and upgrade, or new installations.

From the planning stage to maintenance and repairs, we will steer your project toward successful completion — because we know that timeliness is one of your main concerns.

Sample of Copper and Fiber Networks. We provide OSP managed services:

Copper Network Services

I&R Techs
Our experienced, trained crews can handle all BAU and DSL needs from switch to NID

IPTV Pre-fielding
Our tech-savvy team can implement all IPTV pre-fielding needs from switch to NID

Cable Maintenance
We provide for all rehabbing and rebuilding of wet and deteriorated facilities (aerial, buried, underground) and replace sections of bad cable. We also provide complete trouble isolation to provide (a) pathway for IPTV service. Our technicians can isolate and repair any cable trouble that affects service, including IPTV. Working with engineering, we will identify alternative paths for IPTV in each X-Box as needed. We will place stubs, regroup, and make cable cuts in order to establish alternative paths for IPTV service in each X-Box.

page-img-outsideplant2Cable Plant Preconditioning/Network Characterizations: Copper cable conditioning for all services, including IPTV. Bridge tap removal (bulk bridge tap removal, pre-order bridge removal)

Testing, Placing and Repair Bonding at:

  • Manholes
  • Pull Boxes
  • Cables
  • Splices
  • CO Grounding

We can regroup as needed to find alternate paths to support IPTV in Xboxes and remotes to allow easy access to IPTV services for installation and repair. (All cross-connect box bonding).

Outside Plant

We manage support services for outside plants, including copper and fiber networks, fiber splicing, DaVaR testing and more.

Wireless Site Services

Our crews have successfully implemented a broad range of quality services including Construction, Upgrades, Maintenance, and Technical.

Triple Play Installations

WiseConnect provides Triple Play Installations (Voice, Data and Video) installations services and upgrades for residential and commercial.

MDU Site Services

Our MDU teams have successfully connected our Clients Broadband and Video services to both Greenfield and Brownfield Complexes through both Fiber and Copper solutions.

Central Office EFI

As a turn-key offering, our start-to-finish installation services whic includes engineering, furnishing of materials, management, etc.

Structured Cabling

Our crews have successfully implemented a broad range of structured cabling services nationally for all types of commercial businesses.
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